Forthcoming Society Events


This season’s talks take us from the Romans to World War II and Poole’s connection with the world of espionage. In the spirit of the new BCP local authority we will be touring Bournemouth’s blue plaques and reviewing the history of one of Poole’s suburbs often claimed to be in Bournemouth. There will be an (armchair) walk round some of England’s most scenic railways, sadly no longer operating. The programme will also feature drama with readings from the Skinner Street church archives and the Brownsea Open Air Theatre talks team telling us how it all began. Don’t miss it!

Wed 19th Feb 2020 7.30 pm Poole Museum 5th Floor – The Kindertransport: saving children from the Nazi holocaust and the heart-warming actions of a Dorset community with Josephine Jackson.

Wed 18th Mar 2020 7.30 pm Poole Museum 5th Floor – The Remarkable Life of Thomas Durant 1776-1849: More revelations from the Skinner Street archives with Kit Pearce and Ian Tovey.

Wed 15th April 2020  7.30 pm Poole Museum 5th Floor – Annual General Meeting followed by Portland Railway Walk. The past and present of the passenger and industrial lines with Colin Stone. To be followed by a bring-and-share buffet.

Wed 17th June 2020 7.00 – Summer Party at Scaplen’s Court  Buffet and entertainment.















2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Society Events

    • The regular Wednesday meetings start at 7.30 pm. The other events vary, but the time is stated for each one. I’ll make sure that the time is put on every event to prevent doubt. Jenny

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