Forthcoming Society Events


Our new season’s programme will take us to the foggy shores of Newfoundland, into the heat of battle with Dorset recipients of the Victoria Cross, back in time to Tudor Purbeck and Corfe Castle before the Civil War and delving into killer diseases of the 17th century. We have Frank Henson on Hamworthy people and places and a tour of the long and colourful history of Hengistbury Head with Steve Roberts. Also discover how Skinner Street Chapel community developed (in spite of schisms) to spread its message far and wide and how Poole’s seashore was transformed for tourists in the early 20th century.

All meetings are held on the 5th floor of Poole Museum (No. 4, High Street) at 7.30 pm. unless otherwise stated.

Wed 17th Oct 2018 – Hengistbury Head: history, events personalities and curious schemes. A colourful and entertaining journey round Hengistbury Head with Steve Roberts.

Wed 21st Nov 2018 – Treswell’s Survey of Purbeck. Mark Forrest, editor of the recently published facsimile of the survey, describes this vivid depiction of a Tudor landscape on the eve of great change.


Wed 12th Dec 2018 – Dorset Victoria Crosses 1855-1940. Kevin Patience tells the stories of the nineteen men with Dorset connections awarded Britain’s highest military decoration. Followed by our Christmas social and bring and share buffet.

Wed 16th Jan 2019 – The Newfoundland Connection. Dr. Alan Perry OBE ONL on his own and Poole’s links with the island which shaped the town’s history.

Wed 20th Feb 2019 – The Plague or not the Plague? Gary Edwards examines the evidence on Poole’s medical past. Warning – may include graphic visuals!


Wed 20th Mar 2019 – Modern Beaches for a Modern Town: Developing Poole’s seafront in the 1920s and ‘30s with Ken Standing.


Wed 17th April 2019 – Annual General Meeting followed by Skinner Street Chapel: Divisions, Diffusion & Decline The life of a congregation with Kit Pearce. To be followed by a bring and share buffet.


Wed 19th June 2019 – Summer Party at Scaplen’s Court 7.00 pm. Buffet and entertainment.












2 thoughts on “Forthcoming Society Events

    • The regular Wednesday meetings start at 7.30 pm. The other events vary, but the time is stated for each one. I’ll make sure that the time is put on every event to prevent doubt. Jenny

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