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Poole Museum Society blog aims to tell you about Society meetings, talks and events. We will also have news about the Museum exhibitions and activities and throw in articles on Poole history and heritage plus the occasional quiz. We would love to have your contributions and comments. Contact Jenny on or 01202 676462


2 thoughts on “The Blog

  1. I don’t know whether you had anything to do with the talk last week given by the curator of Devizes museum? It was extremely interesting and informative. Such a shame that no-one could be available to formally thank the presenter afterwards.

    • Yes, it was an excellent talk. The Museum Society did not have anything directly to do with it except for advertising it to our members. Formal thanks might have got a bit swallowed up in all the questions at the end but I think that the speaker was made well aware by lots of people how much they’d enjoyed it.

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