Inspired by Poole

The log-boatPoole Arts and Museum Services are calling for artists, designers and makers working all media to submit entries for its open submission exhibition, POOLE OPEN 2014 launching in March in Poole Museum.

4-2 PM Sir William PhippardThe work should be inspired by the key themes of the Poole Museum collection which gives a wide scope to let the imagination roam. Perhaps you are intrigued by the 2000-year-old log-boat, dredged out of the harbour or inspired by the painted images of 18th century Poole merchant adventurers, photographs of Edwardians at play or the blackened timbers of a medieval boatyard. If clay is your medium, remember that the Poole area has a long tradition of pottery and tile making from Roman black-burnished pots to modern chimney pots and Poole Pottery tableware. Alternatively, a single item like a polished stone hand axe, a faded sampler or a Victorian trade catalogue might be your starting point.Cockerel dish

A selection of the submitted work will be displayed throughout the museum and if selected, artists may offer their work for sale. Artists with selected work will also be eligible for a number of prize categories to be announced before the exhibition. The closing date for submissions is 15th January 2014 and the exhibition will be showing from 12th March to 5th May 2014.

To apply, click on (phew!) and download the application form and details or e-mail


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